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Posted in Uncategorized on April 14, 2012 by davidjmurphy

We are super excited to show you this video. Get a look at what the show is made of, and hear some of the original music!

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Our version of the story of Persephone, in a nutshell: Happy in a sunny idyllic world, Persephone loved playing with Faeries and picking flowers. Her mother Demeter, the nourishing Earth Mother, watched over her proudly. One day Persephone took a step outside the familiar to explore her growing individuality. Hades, lord of the Underworld, saw his opportunity and erupted from the earth to woo Persephone and take her to his lair. In shock over her loss of innocence, she is befriended by the Lost Souls of the Underworld, who cannot move on. Persephone finds she is gifted with the power to usher the Souls onto their next realm. She grows into womanhood and empowerment in her newfound role. Meanwhile her mother Demeter declares famine over the Earth until her daughter is found. Demeter wanders the Earth, searching, and praying to Persephone’s father Zeus, who plays coy. While animals starve, crops perish, and icy cold settles over the world, Demeter gives up mid-search, collapsing near a village. A family find her, pamper her, and give her shelter. In exchange, she offers their youngest boy enlightenment and spiritual purification. The boy’s mother walks in to find her son engulfed in fire, and turns her rage on Demeter. The boy arises, now a being of light and wisdom, and reveals Demeter’s true identity. The family then celebrate and revere Demeter, who, revived, travels to find Zeus. She implores Zeus to engage his heart and sense of emotion, and demands that he find Persephone at once. He is moved and complies, summoning and dispatching three messengers. One travels to the Faeries but is weak and succumbs to their playful, hypnotic enticement. One travels to Otherworld and encounters strange beings who bear a message of unity in defiance of fear and hostility. One travels to the Underworld, and finds Persephone, now a transformed Queen. He reports that she must return to her family. She is torn, as she has found love with Hades but remembers her mother. Persephone agrees to return, and the messenger asks if she has eaten any food from the Underworld. She had, and now she is bound to the Underworld forever. The messenger says she may return to see her family for half of every year, and for the other half she must remain with Hades. Persephone returns to her family, bringing warmth, joy, and the bloom of Spring with her. Demeter sees her daughter has transformed and is deeply hurt by this. Her parents demand she never again leave them. Persephone teaches her parents that there is never only one side, and that one must integrate light and dark, love and pain, life and death, as there cannot be one without the other. When she returns to the Underworld, Hades demands that she never leave him. She imbues the same lesson into the heart of Lord of Darkness that she now finds is her real power–the integration of opposites. Persephone leads the change of seasons, the healing of schisms, the reconciliation of dualities. She is the diplomat of catharsis.