Finally available to watch online

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To celebrate Persephone’s 3rd anniversary, here’s the complete show on Youtube! Thanks to Ed Murphy for the high quality upload today (and awesome video editing).

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 7.16.33 PM

Please feel free to read a summary of the plot. This helps clear up our sometimes confusing theatrics :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Persephone!

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We went on stage today in 2012!

Listen to the soundtrack here: Persephone: A Rock Ballet – The Soundtrack on Bandcamp



The DVD release was a success!

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Thank you Fairfield for coming out to support the DVD release of Persephone: A Rock Ballet. Emotional times were had, again, both in experiencing the story (some for the first time), and remembering the experience of doing the show.

My brother Ed’s video editing really preserved the life of the show and helped showcase the action. Good video editing isn’t easy, and he did a great job.

DVDs are available for purchase, but I have not been able to set up an online store yet. You are more than welcome to contact me online in the meantime to get one mailed to you. I’ll definitely post big noticeable links once I get the store up!

DVDs in hand… Finally.

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DVDs in hand... Finally.

Nothing I can say about the past year really matters to those who have simply been waiting for the Persephone DVD to show up. Well here it is! The Kickstarter backers have been unjustly made to wait for what was promised to them last summer, and if any of you are reading this, accept my sincere apologies. Your copies and other gifts will be in the mail very soon.

Soon an online store will be set up and the DVDs and CDs of Persephone: A Rock Ballet will be ready to fly across the world! Thank you all so much for your continued attention on this journey of getting this production out into the light of day in all its forms.

There is a screening event happening in Fairfield, at Morning Star Studio, on August 31st at 8pm. There’s a $3 cover charge to balance the cost of the venue. I hope to see you all there!


Persephone: A Rock Ballet – DVD Release

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Persephone: A Rock Ballet - DVD Release

OK. So it’s been a while, I admit :) Do accept my apologies. The DVD is finally here and ready for a screening. Click on the banner to see the Facebook event page! Soon I will post details on how to order the DVD.

Kickstarter rewards are on their way!

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Today I sent out Persephone soundtrack download codes for our Kickstarter Backers in the $50 and up brackets. If you are one such backer, check your inbox! If not, you can still listen to the entire soundtrack for free!! Go to: where you can also purchase a high quality download for $12.95! That’s for a solid hour of music! You can also listen to all of David’s earlier releases for free!

The download codes are the first among many rewards to be sent out! We will be mailing programs, signed posters, and more! If you’re one of our backers, keep your eyes peeled on your email and snail-mail boxes!

And again – Thank you SO MUCH!

-David and Hilary

PS – Wow, I just realized I never posted an update since the show went on stage! What a murderous couple of weeks! :) Well, it happened. We got two amazing crowds at our two performances. The first night had some tech-booboo’s, but it came together and everyone had a great time. The second night was smoother. Everyone I spoke with had an emotionally significant experience at our show, which is incredibly gratifying. I was able to distribute almost a hundred copies of the soundtrack between the cast, crew and audience members. Both performances were shot for DVD which is going to hit the editing/post-production stage at the end of June. We made enough from ticket sales that we were able to cover all our budget overages and pay everyone we had agreed to pay. So to all the donors and supporters who believed in us before the show: THANK YOU for helping us reach so many people.  Your support helped us amplify the show’s energy to where we not only met our financial needs but were able to touch many people on a deep level, which is what our art really strives for. In fact, everyone had such a good time with the show that two performances left everyone wanting more. We are currently looking into booking more dates in nearby cities for this Fall, so hopefully this isn’t the end! Keep checking back on this site for photos and video clips in the coming days!

Music is done!

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The final remaining piece of music was written and recorded today. Now the score just needs some polishing to put on CD, which will be for sale at the show!

Yesterday was great––we had a big set building party where we got some serious headway on the inanimate portion of the show. There is still a lot more to do, but again we are grateful for all the help we’re receiving from friends and community members!

Working hard! Almost there!

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Just posting a general update. All but one very tiny song have been written and recorded! Yes, that means 19 songs exist in this show, soon to be 20, if you count the short segue tunes as songs, which they basically would be if you repeat them a few times and sing something about monkeys or peanut butter over them. Hilary has choreographed to every song that exists, and the dancers are keeping up superbly, learning their parts and making the show come to life. We’re almost there!! Just a tiny bit more music and choreography to create, finalizing a bunch of costumes, building some set pieces, and a whole host of dirty details like renting a truck and getting the CDs finalized, printed and pressed, putting up posters around town (you should be seeing them around!), and updating our web places which we’re a little behind on. :)

We are working super hard, every one of us, and this show is going to really shine, on the stage and on the DVD as well! If you can’t make it in person, keep your eyes peeled on this website for the announcement of the DVD release! You will also be able to download the studio sound track from David’s Bandcamp page once it’s released!

We are so grateful and so blessed by all the donations we’ve received to make this project happen. Thank you all SO MUCH.

See you at the show!!

Order tickets here

Facebook Event

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We’ve added an event page on facebook at the following URL.

Come tell us whether you can make it!

Update for fundraising!

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For those who missed our fundraising period with Kickstarter, we’ve set up a ChipIn account where anyone can still donate to Persephone: A Rock Ballet! People have asked where they can donate since the Kickstarter period has ended. Here’s the answer! And thank you so much to everyone who’s donated already! Click here for the ChipIn page.

If you haven’t checked out the video, click the photo in the post below. It will show you what the show will be like and how it’s being made. When you’re done you can share with your friends! Even if you aren’t donating we want you to see this :)