Working hard! Almost there!

Just posting a general update. All but one very tiny song have been written and recorded! Yes, that means 19 songs exist in this show, soon to be 20, if you count the short segue tunes as songs, which they basically would be if you repeat them a few times and sing something about monkeys or peanut butter over them. Hilary has choreographed to every song that exists, and the dancers are keeping up superbly, learning their parts and making the show come to life. We’re almost there!! Just a tiny bit more music and choreography to create, finalizing a bunch of costumes, building some set pieces, and a whole host of dirty details like renting a truck and getting the CDs finalized, printed and pressed, putting up posters around town (you should be seeing them around!), and updating our web places which we’re a little behind on. :)

We are working super hard, every one of us, and this show is going to really shine, on the stage and on the DVD as well! If you can’t make it in person, keep your eyes peeled on this website for the announcement of the DVD release! You will also be able to download the studio sound track from David’s Bandcamp page once it’s released!

We are so grateful and so blessed by all the donations we’ve received to make this project happen. Thank you all SO MUCH.

See you at the show!!

Order tickets here

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